Electric vehicle leasing

Are you looking to lease an electric car or van?

Look no further – the team at The Full EV are ready to help you. We have the experience to ensure that leasing your new electric vehicle will be trouble-free.

We only supply electric vehicles – NO DIESEL OR PETROL ENGINES HERE!

  • We’ll help you select the most suitable vehicle for your needs
  • We’ll advise you on the easiest way to make charging simple, covering workplace charging, home charging and on-the-road charging
  • we have a solution that will ensure your premises has the power needed, no matter how large your electric vehicle fleet.

Call us today for advice on how to switch to leasing an electric car, or van, on 02920 408020

Lease an electric car

Looking for an electric car? Leasing is the perfect answer to finding your next electric car, as it avoids worries over depreciation, and ensures you have the latest technology, with the best range.

zero benefit in kind (BiK) company car tax for 2020-21

  • congestion charge exemptions
  • very low running costs
  • minimal servicing needs, also saving money
  • zero tailpipe emissions
  • smooth, stress-free driving
  • Lease an electric van

    An electric van or light commercial makes complete sense for many companies. Leasing avoids worries over depreciation, keeps your costs transparent and predictable, and ensures you have the latest technology, with the best range.

    local deliveries such as florists, butchers, groceries

  • urban multi-drop delivery companies
  • dog walking businesses
  • local authorities
  • For advice on how to switch to leasing a plug-in vehicle, from people who actually drive them, call 02920 408020