Plumber whose work van is a Tesla

One of the challenges right now, is that there are precious few vans or light commercial vehicles available on the market, for companies who want to go green. And that lack of choice has led one enterprising plumber to consider what seems an outrageous choice – using a Tesla Model 3 electric car as his work vehicle. 

While there are some small and medium sized fully electric vans available, they are in short supply. And, so far, many of them have a limited range. That may mean they are ideal for local businesses, doing deliveries in a restricted area, perhaps a florist, dog walking business, milk round – and the Post Office, who are actively testing such vehicles. But, for those businesses that need to travel 150 or more miles per day regularly, there is not – currently, as of mid 2020 – a van that really fits the bill. 

Step forward Allen Hart, who runs plumbing and heating business CCH in the Leeds area. Determined to replace his filthy diesel work van with an electric vehicle, he came up short, finding a new electric van to be simply too expensive. 

So, how about a Tesla instead? It’s designed more for transporting people than tools, boilers and pipe, but as Allen explains on his YouTube channel, there are some compelling reasons for taking this route. Thanks to recent tax changes, a Tesla as a company car has a 0% Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax cost. The vehicle is also very cheap to run, on electricity; and the price to lease or buy is not outrageous. 

And, while it may look like a regular car, the Tesla Model 3 has some party tricks when it comes to load space. First, it has an extra boot up front, where most cars have their engine. That, says Allen, has enough room to store plenty of his tools, out of sight. Then, below the boot floor at the back of the car, is a cavernous additional storage space, where many cars have their fuel tank. Add to this folding seat backs, and the Tesla will even swallow full lengths of copper pipe.

Sure, there are some compromises in terms of space, but Allen’s green transport solution for a business is an interesting one. Watch his video here.