UK electric vehicle charging infrastructure grows

vehicles charging

One of the issues frequently cited as a restriction on the growth of electric car use, is charging on the road during longer trips.

Yet there is plenty of evidence that this worry is rapidly becoming something of a non-issue. Zap Map, ( which provides UK-wide mapping of charging points, reports its database added over 1,000 points in the month to March 2020, and it now has more than 18,000 devices listed on its app – a number that has risen by 5,000 in a year.

Adding to this pace of growth is BP Chargemaster, whose senior executives have just confirmed they will start rolling out superfast 150kw chargers, with 100 promised by the end of 2019 and 400 across the UK by 2021. These chargers will enable electric cars with larger battery packs, such as Tesla, Jaguar and Audi, to grab a substantial charge in less than half an hour.

Also supporting the availability of charging is Book My Charge, ( which lists home chargers that owners make available to other electric car drivers to use. This community-driven approach aims to help out EV drivers who visit friends, but would like to recharge their car locally if those friends don’t yet have their own dedicated electric vehicle charger.