Electric cars – there’s no going back

full ev Electric car on charge

Once drivers have swapped to an electric, or plug-in hybrid car, they are committed to the change. A survey undertaken by Fully Charged has revealed that nine out of ten EV drivers would never go back to a petrol or diesel car.

The result, from a survey of more than 7,700 respondents, underlines the appeal of driving electric vehicles.

Fully Charged host, Robert Llewellyn, commented: “Having experienced how impressive electric cars are, we were not surprised to see so many other drivers saying that they won’t go back to the combustion engine, but it might shock those that have yet to switch.”

And a social media thread, started by the Energy Saving Trust, revealed a little more detail on just what drivers love about driving their electric cars. Twitter comments noted how quiet and smooth their cars are – and how much they save on running costs, with electric driving being substantially cheaper per mile than petrol or diesel. Others said they loved one-pedal driving, possible with regenerative braking, and the lack of vibration when travelling.

Challenges to wider adoption remain, not least with a shortage of new vehicles to meet demand. Perception among non-electric car drivers, with worries about recharging and range, could also slow uptake. But, as other markets such as Norway have demonstrated, many of the so-called problems can be easily overcome, with city dwellers enjoying wider environmental benefits.

Fully Charged is a YouTube channel focused on sharing information about green energy and transport, and encouraging EV adoption: https://fullycharged.show/